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Providing high-quality chiropractic, naturopathic and massage therapy services for over 15 years.

For over a decade Dr. Blyss has participated in aerial arts both on the trapeze and in the lyra. As a result, she is keenly aware of injuries that can happen to athletes and how to treat them. A large part of the local circus community trusts her implicitly with their treatments as they know she will take the best care possible to get them better using a variety of techniques while keeping their particular and unique needs in mind. Recently, Dr Blyss got certified in BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), a safe and effective form of biohacking using restrictive cuffs on the extremities to increase gains in muscle mass, blood perfusion, and growth hormones all within a 20 minute workout. BFR tricks the body into thinking it is exerting itself much more intensely than it actually is so less weight resistance and time can be used during workouts. It can be used for injury recovery, posts-surgery rehab, performance enhancement, and is especially beneficial for osteoporosis for increasing bone density. Call today and make an appointment with Dr. Blyss and she can help tailor a specialized workout for you using BFR to safely and efficiently reach your fitness goals!


Blyss Chiropractic is proud to be a trusted auto injury clinic, we have helped numerous patients recover from their auto injuries and helped them to get better as quickly as possible.